Contrast the advantages of computer color matching software and manual color matching

In the face of different customers need different colors, you need to use the color technology to call the customer a satisfactory color, and the color is generally divided into color matching software coloring and manual coloring. What is the difference between the two?

1, using computer color software tones can improve the accuracy of color correction.

Computer toning software color is generally one step in place, color difference can be controlled in the range of 0.5, and manual coloring, color paste to try, not twice, the accuracy of a color paste is naturally much lower, especially encountered Very light color, the amount of color paste added is small, and it is impossible to raise at all.

2, using computer color matching software toning can shorten the coloring time and improve efficiency.

Manual coloring is based on experience to add color paste, human factors are relatively more, and computer coloring software coloring, because the formula is fixed, the color paste is fixed, no matter who operates, the coloring efficiency will be much higher.

3, using computer color correction software to improve the color reproducibility.

The computer coloring software adjusts the first color, the recipe will be recorded, the next coloring, the color paste can be added according to the formula, the batch is quite stable, the color difference is almost zero, and the manual coloring is unstable. Too many factors, such as the addition of color paste, as well as the unevenness of the color paste, can lead to chromatic aberration.

4. Coloring with the grading software can reduce the cost of color grading.

When the computer coloring software is tinted, there will be a coloring cost in the formula. We recommend that the customer choose a lower cost formula, and the manual coloring is often not formed once, and how often can it be called out? How much color paste is added? This leads to waste of color paste, or the color is deep. When it is diluted, the phenomenon of multi-barrels in a bucket directly increases the cost of color matching.

In addition to the above advantages, the computer color correction software also has a database storage function. In the past, all the ink colors that have been dispensed are stored in the database, and can be called up immediately when needed. The calculation of the color correction formula and the color difference are all displayed or printed out by computer, and finally Color matching results are also stored in memory in digital form. It can also be connected to other functional systems. For example, the weighing system can be connected to minimize the weighing error; the reproducibility is improved. If the process is continuous, the print quality monitoring system can be set on the printed product when there is any abnormality. When the situation occurs, it will immediately stop and reduce unnecessary waste.

In summary, the color correction software has many advantages over manual color adjustment. It has the characteristics of easy operation, easy color matching, strong correction ability, etc. It can be used not only in laboratory color matching, but also in quality control of workshop production. Color difference correction, etc., suitable for color management and color matching of paint, ink, plastics, paint, paper, cosmetics, textile printing, dyes and other related color industries, providing fast and accurate color analysis and formulation for various applications.


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