PeColor Color Matching Software

The running hardware of PeColor color matching software requires a dual-core processor with a main frequency not less than 2 GHz; 4 GB or more RAM; 500 GB hard disk; 512 MB video memory with resolution no less than 1024x768; USB/ serial port.

(support Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac and other operating systems)



(PeColor Experience Operations Course)


PeColor Color Matching Software Experience Course

Operation steps:

1.PeColor Download and install PeColor

2.Initialization configuration required for first use

PeColor initialization configuration involves six main points:

First: Tolerance and Warning Tolerance Settings of Quality Control Module

Second: specify the database

Third: light source configuration

Fourth: observer angle setting

Fifth: Colour matching settings, including the value of color difference, number of iterations, number of formulations, number of colorants

Sixth: color difference formula

3.PeColor color matching and use

Colorant Characterization--Input standard--Formulation by Combinations--Formulation Correction