Company Profile

3nh, TILO and Sine image are all registered brands of our company.

Shenzhen 3nh Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise. It is a large brand enterprise which integrates the well-known brands "3nh” and "TILO" in the color detection industry in terms of right time, right people and right place.

The company's source company was founded in 1998, and has long been specialized in R&D, production, sales and service in the field of color management.

Main products

3nh is a large-scale manufacturer for colorimeter research and development in China. The product series includes: YS series grating spectrophotometer (portable/benchtop), NS series spectrophotometer, NH series portable computer colorimeter and NR series portable colorimeter, PeColor color matching software;

TILO brand standard light source box, has a large R & D, production, sales base, our production and sales amount have exceeded the amount of companies in the same industry in China.

Sine Image is our company's image test charts, test software and solution brand, including high-definition ISO12233 resolution test charts and other full series of test charts, lighting sources, iQstest test software and test solutions and so on. Our company also has a professional image testing laboratory.

3nh gloss meter is independently designed, researched and produced by our company, which has many innovative technologies, with high, medium and low gloss automatic switching function, all using a large screen list to display a number of measurement data, including economical HG series and touch screen NHG series with gloss Calibration board.

Our company also distributes and provides services for SYLVANIA lamps, France MatchColor color matching software, Japan Konica Minolta and American Xrite products.

Our company's products are widely used in plastic electronics, paint and ink, textile and garment printing and dyeing, printing paper products, food, medicine, cosmetics, optical imaging testing and other industries, as well as research, schools, laboratories and other fields.

Our company has gathered many highly skilled professionals in the industry, applied for many innovative patents, and has the core technology and intellectual property rights of 3nh, TILO, Sine Image products.

Comprehensive strength

With 21 years of experience and group operation, our company has become the industry leader!

Rich practical experience - serving nearly 100,000 companies, with profound cultural and strong competitive strength.

Continuous technological innovation - obtaining national high-tech enterprise certification

Strong strength - 2666 square meters of R&D headquarters, marketing center, 3500 square meters of production base in Shenzhen, and marketing centers in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Suzhou.

Company concept - founded in 1998, sustainable operation, do your side of the color management expert! Be a color management expert by your side.

We are committed to - continue to invest in research and development, increase production, establish brand image, create value for customers!