PeColor color matching software for easy color matching experience

Based on the advantages of color detection technology research and development, Sanen has developed the domestic professional color matching software PeColor, which is used for printing, paint, paint, ink, textile, tile, car color matching, and has a professional technical consulting team. We can provide customers with a full range of color solutions such as professional color measurement, color matching, and color material storage, helping customers to integrate operations from R&D standards to individual supplier evaluation, so that you can have an easy color matching experience.

pecolorColor matching software screenshot

PeColor color matching software advantage

We are committed to helping our clients deal with real-world problems in response to changing market demands. The modular system provides a complete color management platform including color matching, correction, archiving, recipe and quality control. Our experienced color consultants carefully analyze product applications and workflows to provide customers with color management solutions that are more suitable for practical applications.

The proportion of the pigment formula is displayed more intuitively by computer operation. With more environmentally friendly and reliable performance, optimized recipe calculations help users avoid excessive pigment usage, saving cost and time.

PeColor color matching software main use

Quality control, color detection and analysis of raw materials, production processes, and materials and materials with extremely high color requirements in various fields.

Quickly provide a reasonable formula to reduce costs. Improve the efficiency of proofing, reduce unnecessary manpower waste, and find the most accurate and accurate formula with the smallest color difference under different light sources in a very short time. Generally, the cost of pigments can be reduced by 10% to 30%, and the formula is given a large selectivity, which can reduce the inventory of dyes and save a lot of money.

Predict the color change phenomenon. The color matching system can list the degree of color change of the product under different light sources, know the quality of the formula color in advance, and reduce the interference to the color.

With precise and rapid color correction. It can calculate the modified formula in a very short time, and can accumulate large production colors, and calculate the difference coefficient between the laboratory sample and the production large sample, or the coefficient of difference between the large production machines, and then provide the scene. Formulated to improve color yield and yield.

Scientifically organized recipe management. All the past colors are stored in the computer hard disk, and the data is not completely retained due to changes in people, things, places, and objects. When the order is received again, it can be taken out immediately.

The PeColor color matching software is compatible with the current Sann time colorimeter (YS series) and portable, benchtop spectrophotometers, so that the same platform can be used to fully control the color quality within the tissue.

The powerful PeColor color matching software meets the color matching needs of customers in different industries such as printing, paint, paint, ink, textile, tile, automobile, etc. The easy-to-understand operation page allows customers to have a relaxed color matching experience.


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