What can PeColor color matching software system do?

PeColor color matching software system consists of one color measuring instrument and one color matching software and color quality management software, which can be applied to the color management and color matching and color matching in the relevant color industries such as paint inks, plastics, coatings, paper making, cosmetics, textile printing and dyeing, dyes and pigments.

The color measuring instrument converts the actual color samples into color electronic data and sends them to the software, and realizes the functions of color matching, correction, archiving, formulation and quality control in the color matching software, so as to help the master of color mixing get rid of the complicated work, so as to better use the brain power to deal with the work and more effectively manage.

Pecolor color matching software for detecting metamerism

1. Create a database of your company's color material characteristics, let the software understand the coloring characteristics of the color material.

2, raw material testing - to ensure that each batch of material color stability, improve production efficiency, reduce uncertainties in production.

3, customer sample recipe calculation, automatic selection of color materials and calculation of the optimal amount / cost calculation / metamerism calculation - optimization (plastic / paint or ink) colorant inventory and procurement, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, reduce Disputes with customers to identify colors.

4, formula storage management --- electronic formula, precipitation resources to ensure the integrity of future production and information.

5, color sample color storage --- electronic color data, will not be used due to discoloration or loss of color samples, color electronic data will never change.

6. Color formula correction adjustment---When the color is deviated, the formula is automatically corrected (the amount of new formula or color material added), and the adjustment is quick to facilitate color stability in production.

7. After the color intensity of the color material changes, the formula calculation will be adjusted accordingly - the formula is accurate and effective.

8. Recycling materials are used to match colors - reduce inventory, save costs, and improve capital turnover efficiency.

9. Find color and repair color---Use the production or laboratory formula precipitated in the software to quickly give the formula of the required color, directly used for production or color verification.

10, approximate color search - faster and easier to find inventory colors and related information for production and color.

11, data export and import --- recipe or color can be exported, in order to transfer to ERP.


The computer color matching system is a powerful assistant to help the color master to handle the daily coloring work, save color time, improve coloring efficiency, reduce cost, optimize material procurement, recycle material utilization, reduce inventory, improve color accuracy, and reduce color data evaluation. Misjudgment, improve the labor intensity of the color master, free the color master from the complicated labor, in order to better use the brain to deal with work matters and more effective management.

Understand the composition of the computer color matching system, including the spectrophotometer and color matching software, the color measuring instrument is equivalent to the eye, the color sample data is converted into reflectance data, and then can be converted into various chromaticity data; the color matching software is the color material to be obtained. The reflectivity is obtained by mathematical model to obtain the optical characteristic data of the color material, the absorption coefficient K, the scattering coefficient S. If color matching is required, the software automatically selects the color material and the calculation amount, cost, metamerism, etc., and can also modify the formula, storage management formula, etc. And other functions.


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