Introduction to PeColor Color Matching Software

PeColor Color Matching Software is an industry-oriented color modulation software for color matching solutions for coatings, plastics and textiles that provides fast, accurate color analysis and formulation for a wide range of applications. PeColor has the characteristics of easy operation, easy color matching, strong correction ability, etc. It can be used not only in laboratory color matching, but also in quality control and color difference correction of workshop production.

PeColor function module introduction


Test standard color and contrast color, give the absolute value of two colors (L*, a*, b*), color difference data (dL*, da*, db*, dE*), automatically according to the color difference range set by the software. Draw "pass/fail" conclusion.

Automatic/manual color matching

According to different dyeing processes, different color matching files or limited use of dyes are selected; 1-6 dyes are selected for automatic color matching and quantitative calculation formula; and the optimal formula under existing process conditions is provided according to the standard samples.

Combination color

Based on the samples provided by the customer, the possibility of providing all the formulations under the existing process conditions is provided, and the technician can quickly and accurately select an optimized formula that takes into consideration factors such as color matching quality, cost, and metamerism.

Pigment characteristics

By reading the optical characteristics of 5-8 concentration points of each dye, a color matching basic database is established, and the relevant data of the dye and the substrate when the database is established is automatically stored.

Recipe correction

If the first formulation does not meet the requirements, or due to changes in raw materials, process conditions, and the compatibility of the dyes, the recipe can be automatically and quickly corrected by the recipe correction function in the software. The first formula is modified to produce a modified formula, and the reliability of the first formula experimental result is analyzed and evaluated by the correlation coefficient; the deviation between the workshop production sample and the standard sample is automatically calculated, and the additional ratio is automatically determined on the basis of the existing ratio. The weight of the material; the function has a high correction efficiency, and generally a satisfactory result can be achieved by one correction.

PeColor color matching software is connected with the spectrophotometer YS3060/YS6060. With 3NH high-end color measurement technology and extensive coverage of technical support network, we provide customers with excellent color management system and powerful pigment color matching database to help customers from R&D standards. Supplier individual assessments enable integrated operations.


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