Computer color correction software

Computer color grading software, also known as color matching software or color grading software, is an essential software tool in the fields of paint, paint, plastic, paper, textile printing, dyes, etc. It can well assist the color master's daily color and color management work.

A. Introduction to computer color theory

The computer coloring equipment is a combination of a spectrophotometer, an electronic computer, and a color matching software.

1, Spectrophotometer

The spectrophotometer can calculate the spectral reflectance curve of the coating, calculate the tristimulus value of the coating color by Kubelka Munk color matching theory, measure the color and color it by computer color matching software.

2, color matching software

The color matching software is composed of components such as color quality detection software and color correction software. The main role is to create a storage base color database. When using, first determine the base color and color masterbatch, then input the spectral reflectance curve of each color masterbatch (ie, the absorption coefficient and scattering coefficient of different wavelengths), and then perform color matching according to the input data, that is, the newly purchased color matching software. It is not color matching. You must first enter the color number of the paint into the color matching system. The color matching software can use the color number data you input to match the color. Therefore, the accuracy of using computer color correction is not only determined by the quality of the color matching software, but more importantly, whether the input data is accurate and reliable.

B. The basic principle of computer color correction

In computer coloring, the computer is actually a large library of paint formulations that can store thousands of standard paints and standard paint colors (colors). Whether it is a monochrome paint digital or a multi-color paint digital, you can enter the computer for the user to use. If you need to match the color of a certain type of car finish, you can first enter the color number of the formula into the computer. From the screen, you can display the topcoat formula and dosage ratio of the color number, and then use this data to adjust and obtain the used Topcoat color.

C. Computer coloring features

The characteristics of using computer coloring are as follows.

Quickly provide reasonable formulations and reduce costs. Improve the efficiency of proofing, reduce unnecessary manpower waste, and find the most accurate and accurate formula with the smallest color difference under different light sources in a very short time. Generally, the cost of pigments can be reduced by 10% to 30%, and the formula is given a large selectivity, which can reduce the inventory of dyes and save a lot of money.

The color change phenomenon can be predicted. The color matching system can list the degree of color change of the product under different light sources, know the quality of the formula color in advance, and reduce the interference to the color.

With precise and rapid color correction. It can calculate the modified formula in a very short time, and can accumulate large production colors, and calculate the difference coefficient between the laboratory sample and the production large sample, or the coefficient of difference between the large production machines, and then provide the scene. Formulated to improve color yield and yield.

Scientific recipe management can be performed. All the past colors are stored in the computer hard disk, and the data is not completely retained due to changes in people, things, places, and objects. When the order is received again, it can be taken out immediately.


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