Advantages of using computer color matching software

computer color matching.With the popularization of computer, ink matching with computer as an auxiliary tool is gradually popularized.Industries related to coloring, such as textile printing and dyeing, dyes, pigments, coatings manufacturing, plastic coloring and processing, are also widely used computer color matching system as a powerful tool for product development, production, quality control and sales, with a high penetration rate.

 Computer color matching has the following features:

① It can reduce color matching time, reduce cost and improve color matching efficiency.

② Can calculate the modified formula in a short time.

③ All the previous matching ink color database, you can immediately call out when needed.

④ User-friendly control

⑤ The color modification formula and color difference calculation are displayed or printed by computer, and the final color matching results are stored in digital form.   

⑥ Can connect to other functional systems.For example, the weighing system can be connected to minimize the weighing error;Reproducibility, if the process flow is continuous, can be set up on the printing quality monitoring system, when there is any abnormal situation, will immediately stop, reduce unnecessary waste.

pecolor Color matching software
The mathematical model used in the computer color matching system is generally based on the kubelka-munk theory, using K/S value, reflectivity and other color indicators.In view of the limitations of K/ S function and the characteristics of the printing industry, a method of color matching of computer ink by using tri - stimulus value has been proposed.Computer color matching system is a modern equipment integrating color meter, computer and color matching software system.The basic function of computer color matching is to store the color data of the ink used in color matching in the computer in advance, and then calculate the mixing ratio of the sample color with these inks, so as to achieve the purpose of predetermined formula.Including the establishment of basic data files, management, data processing and formula storage procedures can be completed online.Can quickly calculate the color difference between the matching sample and the standard sample, select the formula according to the color difference, and modify the formula.Color matching software generally has a strong man-machine dialogue function, operators can input the corresponding parameters and data according to the prompts on the computer screen can get the required ink formula.


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