What are the color matching software? Which is good for color matching software?

What are the color correction software? In the process of industrial production, in order to ensure that the product achieves the desired color, color analysis is required through professional color grading software. The traditional color matching is artificially matched, and only the experienced coloring masters have been able to produce a suitable pigment matching scheme after years of experimentation. Now you can get the color you want quickly and accurately with professional color matching software.

pecolor Color matching software

What are the color correction software?

There are still a lot of color grading software currently used in the industrial field, such as PeColor color matching software, professional color matching software coloring treasure and Matchcolor computer color matching software.

Among them, PeColor color matching software is an industry-oriented color modulation software for color matching solutions for coatings, plastics and textiles, providing fast and accurate color analysis and formulation for a variety of applications. PeColor has the characteristics of easy operation, easy color matching, strong correction ability, etc. It can be used not only in laboratory color matching, but also in quality control and color difference correction of workshop production.

The professional color matching software color palette can completely simulate the actual color matching process. It is a product on the market where you can input any dye combination and dosage to calculate the corresponding Lab value. Can achieve good interaction with the colorist until the color is qualified. The software interface is simple and easy to operate. If you are skilled at using it, it will be a good helper for your color.

Matchcolor computer color matching software can be fast and accurate, consistent with color detection and quality management test standard color and contrast color, giving the absolute value of two colors (L*, a*, b*), color difference data (dL*, da*, Db*, dE*), according to the color difference range set by the software, automatically obtain the "pass/fail" conclusion and store the color data.

Which coloring software is easy to use?

Different color grading software has its own advantages, and it is not directly said which one is better to use. The PeColor color matching software mainly has the following characteristics:

1, the color matching speed is fast

PeColor color matching software uses a graphical menu interface, which makes the color matching limit faster and more efficient. It originally takes 1 day of color matching project and can be completed in 1 hour. It can predict the color change phenomenon. The color matching system can list the color change degree of the product under different light sources, know the quality of the formula color in advance, and reduce the interference to the color.

2, get started quickly

PeColor color matching software is easy to learn. For beginners' 2-day standard training, you can quickly get started, and through our additional 3 days of color matching training, you can quickly become a color master, saving you in color management. the cost of.

3, increase the color matching accuracy

Reduce the color matching deviation caused by artificial factors, and in an extremely short time, complete the accurate formula with the smallest color difference under different light sources.

4, modify the formula

PeColor color matching software can calculate the correction formula in a very short time, and can accumulate large production colors, calculate the coefficient of difference between the laboratory sample and the production large sample, or the coefficient of difference between the large production machines, and then Provide on-site formulation to increase color yield and yield.


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