• PeColor color matching software for easy color matching experience

    Based on the advantages of color detection technology research and development, Sanen has developed the domestic professional color matching software PeColor, which is used for printing, paint, paint, ink, textile, tile, car color matching,

  • What can PeColor color matching software system do?

    PeColor color matching software system consists of one color measuring instrument and one color matching software and color quality management software, which can be applied to the color management and color matching and color matching in t

  • Introduction to PeColor Color Matching Software

    PeColor Color Matching Software is an industry-oriented color modulation software for color matching solutions for coatings, plastics and textiles that provides fast, accurate color analysis and formulation for a wide range of applications.

  • How color matching software works

    The basic algorithm principle of computer color matching is mainly divided into two methods: reflectance spectrum matching and tristimulus value matching. Reflection spectrum matching method: also known as unconditional color matching, the

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